CVL Integrity Policy Statement


CVL Integrity Policy Statement


Cyberview Lodge Sdn Bhd or “CVL” is committed to conducting its business in an honest and ethical manner and to observe the provisions of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (MACCA) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act 2018, as set out in CVL Integrity Policy towards bribery in all its forms and matters of corruption that might confront CVL in its daily operations.


Associates of CVL must:

  1. Be honest, trustworthy and exemplary.
  2. Fully understand the Company’s beliefs and ethical standards and adhere to the Company’s core values:

Excellence – We give our guests a quality experience by delivering services that goes beyond what they expect

Pride – We make the company successful

Integrity – We are professional who can be trusted

Care – We believe in being there for our guests and associates

  1. Ensure that their behaviour complies with the policies and rules of CVL.
  2. Use the resources of CVL in the best interest of CVL, and NOT misuse these resources.
  3. Not pay or accept bribes. (refer to CVL Integrity Policy)
  4. Make a clear distinction between the interests of CVL and their private interests and avoid any and all possible conflicts of interest; all associates must not accept gifts, invitations or other advantages which could contradict this principle.
  5. Report incidents, risks and issues which deviates from CVL’s policies immediately through appropriate channels as stipulated by CVL.
  6. Report any suspicion of bribery and/or corruption in dealings with any Business Associates.
  7. Be continuously conscious and aim to maintain the integrity of CVL at all times.
  8. Adhere to the Company’s “No Gift” Policy where both the giving and receiving of gifts to influence

Business decisions is prohibited.

Raisings Concerns

  1. Associates or any members of the public who encounter actual or suspected violations of the CVL Integrity Policy are required to report their concerns.
  2. Each Associate has a responsibility to ensure that suspected bribery and corruption incidents are reported promptly.
  3. The whistleblowing channel shall be as below: –



CVL Integrity Policy will be made available upon request

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